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jaa hab ne neue hp:


check this out mään^^

und hiterlasst mir dort n paar einträge blabl^^

lieb euch ♥

chrissi am 16.7.07 19:54

*I wish you weren't in my head,all the time...

when I look back,I saw much beautiful days with you

but now it change,you let me stay here, you go to this girl,

and you dont care 'bout me.

I try everytime to forget you but I can't.I miss you since the day

you said goodbye.

And I don't want look back 'cause now I know

that everything you said to me was wrong.

Everytime I go trough the world with eyes closed, cause I don't

want to hearthe voices in my head, but not longer.

I know that you are such a liar, I know that you're worthless.

but it huts to know that you choose her.

Now I just ask myself:why cann't you leave me alone now

'cause I don't want you to see and I don't want to think

about you,I wish that you go away now!

I just want you to leave me now, 'cause to look into your

eyes just let me hate you.

Any day I come back and then you would be sorry about

I know you never would find

a girl like me in this world again, but I find a boy

like you everywhere youre not special, youre like everybody.

And I hope you know that.

I don't took everybody, but you had the whole city

isn't this embaressing?!

are you proud about this?

I can't, and I don't want to understand you

I just hate you.

But Ok, go to your ugly girl, it was your'e fault, you lose boy!

Yesterday I ask me why do you choose her,

what do you become from her?

Is it Love?

I think nobody would love you so much like I did

again,and you don't deserve it.

Is it sex?

Oh sorry,but I'm not a slut,

like her! I don't go into bed with everyone! I hope

you 2 have fun! You are so emberessing!

what have you doing with me?

And why are you doing this with me?

I wish I wouldn't think about you but you aren't going

out of my head. Some nights I'm lieing here,

thinkin' of you, crien'


Just go! Leave me! I never wanna see you

again, don't you see that it hurts?

It's easy for you to forget me. It's easy for you

to find a replacement. But she's not like me! Look at her!

She's a slut! but hey, thats perfect for you,

your'e like her!

goodbye chrissi ♥

chrissi am 8.7.07 13:00

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